What Are Termites, And Why We Need to Remove Them?

Termites are the main enemy of buildings that contain wood; that is why it is necessary to eliminate. Mostly, they live in termite mounds; they are organized similarly to ants or bees. There are over 2 million termites can live in a mound.

Are Termites Bad for Your Health?

They do not sting or bite humans, so they are not considered carriers of diseases, nor are they known to cause any allergy type. However, buildings have collapsed due to their action seriously affecting the people who were inside.

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What Damage Do Termites Cause?

Termites do not only affect wooden beams, but also furniture, parquet flooring, carpentry, books, etc. Thus, when you suspect that you have termites at home, in addition to checking carpentry and beams, it is important to check all the material that we have stored in storage rooms.

Why Eliminate Termite Pests?

Termites are basically social insects that settle on the ground through colonies. They parasitize our houses. They demolish furniture and structures since they eat wood and its derivatives (chipboard, veneer, DM, cardboard, paper, etc.).

They also destroy bookstores and decorations and put the integrity of our buildings at risk.

It is common to detect them when the attack is already advanced.

Termite Check:

Since termites feed on wood and cellulose and each termite mound can have millions of termites feeding, putting any structure or object that contains cellulose in danger.

By feeding on the wood from the beams of our home or building, they get it to remain hollow inside and lose its main function of support. That can cause one or more floors in a home to collapse. Even termites can undermine the health of our trees by feeding on their roots. Therefore, they represent a serious threat to the heritage of humanity.

What Should I Not Do With Termites?

Hasty reactions that can be counterproductive and should be avoided. Using harmful insecticides and removing damaged elements should be avoided until the visit or instructions from our termites control specialist Brisbane.

Removing infested items such as furniture, baseboards, parquet floors, door and window frames, and even beams should not be done as they displace the termite infestation and make it difficult or prolong its subsequent control.

Why Termites Treatment Brisbane Against Termites?

– At Termites Treatment Brisbane, we have and apply the latest technology in termite detection. We offer an ecological inspection and control service for termites.

– We are ensuring people’s health, controlling the termite infestation, ensuring efficiency, and minimizing costs are the objective.

– The preparation of damage studies in wooden structures and systems for their recovery is essential when there are wooden beams.

– Adapting the different regulations to each particular case.

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