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If you have termites at the house, well, then let us show you how to manage them efficiently before they cause havoc in your house. Because if you take long to take action, you should be prepared to clean up the mess it will cause.

Even though, when facing termite damage, you should call a termites control near me, but it is also a fact that not all people want to invest in pest control services that easily because of the inconvenience. That is why we are here to offer all-natural termite ridding methods. Take a look at below to learn about it all:

  • Vinegar

We wonder how many uses of vinegar are there. This wonder substance will now take care of the pest problem for you too. Mix up the juice of two lemons or limes with half a cup of vinegar and your termite-killing solution is ready. Now all you have to do is spray the solution in the affected objects, make sure that it reaches the deepest of the damage. You can also spray the mixture to the suspect objects just to be sure. The acidic substance will kill all the termites if you regularly use it all termites dead.

  • Wet Cardboard

If you don’t want to spray the above mixture in your pricy wooden objects then you can try this method. You must have old cardboard boxes at home; it’s time to make good use of those. You need to make a termite trap with these boxes, for that spray some water in the cardboard box, make sure not to soak it. If the termites have already started feast on your home, then you can place this trap near that object to lure them out. It works because termites love moistness, so you placing a moist piece of cardboard would be like setting a feast for them. Once the termites have settled on it, take the cardboard away and burn it. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times to draw all the termites out without calling a local termites treatment company, Brisbane.

  • Borates

Borax powder or borates is another household item that can be used to kill the termites efficiently. Take out this laundry item from your cupboard and just simply sprinkle the powder on the affected item. You can also create a liquid solution by mixing the powder with water so that you can reach the affected areas more promptly. The only problem is you need to reply to this solution until all the termites have died.

We will not give you any guarantees that the above tactics will work as we have not tried it ourselves. But if the above methods are not working for you, you should search for a prominent termite inspection near me. It will save you a lot of time as the experts can get rid of the termite in one go.

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