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Termites are social insects that settle on the ground through colonies. They secretly parasitize our houses. They destroy furniture and structures since they eat wood and its derivatives, and so as soon as you see any termites in your home and/or office, you should first search termites pest control near me and seek professional help.

Are Home Remedies Effective In Eliminating Termites?

Home remedies to eliminate termites are methods without medium or long-term efficacy. They can only be effective against termites if we apply them at the same time as preventive measures. Home methods that they do are drive them away.

What Are The Best And Reliable Solutions To Get Rid Of?

If you want to get rid of termites forever, the best and easy option is to hire local termites pest controlThey are professional and know how to tackle them professionally.

What Should I Not Do With Termites?

Hasty reactions that, although understandable, can be counterproductive should be avoided. Using insecticides and removing damaged elements should be avoided until the visit or instructions from our technicians.

Removing infested elements such as furniture, baseboards, parquet, door and window frames, and even beams should not be done, since they displace the termite infestation and can make it difficult or prolong its subsequent control.

There Are Two Ways To Eliminate Termites:

Injecting a fungicide product in the termites’ own galleries.

Doing a treatment with baits against termites, in which termites are attracted to some material based on cellulose impregnated in some fungicide product.

In the first case, we have the disadvantage that we will kill the termites there, but the rest of the termite colony will only flee and look for another safer place to eat, probably somewhere else in our house.

In the second case, these baits can be outside the house and therefore prevent termites from reaching the house. In addition, if we want to have maximum effectiveness, the baits will be impregnated with a product that does not kill.

Why Pest Control Against Termites?

We at applies the latest technology in termite detection, thus allowing the development of a global strategic treatment plan. Also, they offer an ecological inspection and control service for termites.

Ensuring people’s health, controlling the termite infestation, ensuring efficiency, and minimizing costs is the objective.

Search on the internet – best termite pest control near me, and hire our professional pest control service.

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