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If you want to get rid of termites, baits are among the most effective methods of controlling termite pests. However, its effectiveness and speed largely depend on two factors. These are- the size of the population to be removed and the number of termites that consume the bait. So, the best, easy, and quick solution is to use affordable termites treatment in Brisbane.

Termites May Be Devouring Your Home:

 Termites are white-looking social insects that eat wood and live on the ground. You might often see them, usually by breaking an already dented door frame or breaking a tube of mud from the ceiling or wall. Or by boosting a cardboard box from the ground, they look as if granules of rice are running away.

Only in spring, the form of some of them is as if they were black colored ants with wings, when in fact, they’re winged termites.

How Long Do You Need to Treat Termites?

Every infestation is different, but in less than a year, you will have already forgotten about termites!

Due to the significant variability of conditions found in each of the cases, it is challenging to assess a termite colony’s elimination time using baits.

However, numerous scientific studies have shown that between 3 and 6 months of treatment are required to achieve the complete elimination of a colony of subterranean termites. Long periods may be required in cases of more complex infections.

The larger the termite colony, the longer it will take to eliminate it. You must bear this in mind that an underground termite colony can reach one million individuals. The larger the colony, the greater the number of termites must eliminate the bait. And therefore, you will require a longer exposure time of the insecticide.

The second major factor in considering the kill time of a termite colony is the number of contact points with the colony. It is essential that as many termites as possible feed on the bait at the control stations.

In this way, the more workers have visited the control stations; the more termites will be fed by trophallaxis inside the termite mound. And therefore, the more rapidly the insecticide will spread among the population.

A Good Location of The Baits Is Essential:

 Besides, it is imperative that the termites control Brisbane in charge of applying the treatment are well trained in the management of termites since the excellent placement of the monitoring stations will allow a more significant contact of the termites with the bait.

In some cases, termite foraging areas can extend up to 100 meters. It means that the personnel who carry out the treatment can delineate the extension of these areas well and distribute the monitoring stations throughout the site’s surface.

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