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Till now you are well aware of the fact that termites are feed on woods and thus, it is very much concerning for the people of Brisbane. A termite’s infestation can cause billions of damages inside your home without you being aware of their presence. Termites are eligible enough to chunk woods 24*7 hrs straight without taking a single break. This is the main reason why you should importantly look after any holes or any other tunnels which can give way to these termites in the home, one should always be in touch with termite inspection companies near me to safeguard you from these situations.


You can never eliminate termite infestation on your own, you will some of the other ways have a call for termite inspections Brisbane. There are many natural and homemade DIYs that can help you get them under the carpet for quite some time but totally eradicating the termites are not something those DIYs or natural methods can do. Eliminating termites must need chemical intervention which can only ensure proper and complete eradication of these nasty critters.


The Chemical Methods Which Are Used in Eliminating Termites by Ecoguard Pest Control

Being one of the top pest control company we try our best to provide quality service and that too by using eco-friendly products. But the facts are not every pest is easy enough to be tackled only by eco-friendly measures. Some pests like termites need the intervention of chemical products. That is why we at Ecoguard pest control use the following chemical process to eliminate termites’ infestation:

  • Permethrin: It is a long periodical chemical that remains in action for a longer time; basically, it is a pyrethroid synthetic chemical. It is exclusively used for active termites and nest destruction. This product is low to zero toxic to the human which is why Ecoguard mostly uses this method to eliminate termites.


  • Fipronil: It belongs to the family of phenylpyrazole, it is a highly active insecticide used for eliminating stubborn insects and pest round the house. It works as a shield around the house to protect from termites and pests. Most of the local termites treatment company Brisbane uses this method to eradicate termites. Termites are attracted to the chemical where they die, partly from the effect of the chemical and partly from infection with fungi and other soil microorganisms. Fipronil is of low to medium toxicity to humans as well.


  • Imidacloprid: A systemic insecticide that acts on the central nervous system of insects and belongs to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoid. This chemical is more toxic to insects than humans which is why we rely on this chemical in terms of eradication.

 Some of The Other Features of Ecoguard

  • They provide services in most of the areas in Brisbane
  • They are affordable
  • Provides quality service
  • Provides service any time of the day
  • At your service 24*7
  • Uses friendly products for pets and kids

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