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To What Extent Termites May Damage Your Property

Termites may never be on their own. These are one kind of pests that are generally surrounded by thousands of other termites within their colony. Altogether, these pests may create havoc, specifically in building structures, floors, or wood-based items such as furniture. 


If you have come across such colonies, you should seek help from termites treatment specialist Brisbane


Termites And Their Colonies


To understand the damage done by termite, you need to know how exactly do colonies work. Similar to any other insects, termites live in a well-organized territory. The number of termites in a settlement can range from a few thousand to millions. However, this depends upon the type of species. 


A colony may exist for over several years. You will be alarmed to perceive that a termite colony includes a range of pests. The queen, in charge of reproduction, the soldier who guards the settlement, and the workers who provide labor along with nymphs and other younger termites. 


Eating Habits


You must have come across termites eating wood. However, their eating habits are not limited to wood. They may chew other things, including plaster, insulation, and soft metals. The wood component includes cellulose and other nutrients that allow them to live. 


A special kind of bacteria present in their gut helps the breakdown of their food. Likewise, termites treatment specialist Brisbane also emphasizes different varieties of species with different consumption structures. To know more, you may search affordable termites pest control near me and seek out details.


Here, we’ll focus on different types of termites found.


Subterranean termites are the most destructive. They generally form large colonies and eat through wood. They come to your home only to feed.


Drywood Termites: These termites form multiple colonies within a home. These termites mostly thrive on wooden structures like frames, flooring, and furniture.


Dampwood Termites: These types of termites thrive on wood with high moisture content, i.e., decaying timber and woodpiles.


Signs of Termite Damage


As you must have understood the nature of termites, there are some signs and symptoms that you can confirm in order to understand whether there has been an infestation.


Mud Tubes: Termite mud tubes are small, narrow tunnels near termite nests. These pests specifically use it to travel.


Floor Damage: These damages look like blisters in the wood or perhaps similar to water damage.


Swelling or hollow-sounding wood: If the door frame or window frame seems to have swelled, there’s definitely termite tunneling. 




Termite infestation is quite annoying. It destroys your belonging, specifically, it that’s dear to you. However, get help from the experts and save yourself against further damage. To get in touch with an expert, search over the internet” termites control near me.”